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Not shown, the neck area where it was nearly decapitated by a two-by-four.
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On the banks of the Arkansas River

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Newest things on the block


Ruffnut & Tuffnut

Not a Kittie in the back yard
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David picked his pawpaws, and got a ripe lime as well.

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Liriope,and mushrooms

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To celebrate world photo day, and because I've got no new pictures, a random assortment of photos taken away from home.

our flowers are pretty much under water anyway, after the week we've had.
Colorado, Ft Lauderdale, Atlantic beach, Gulf at Naples Beach, Mesa Verde and Table Rock Lake
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Attention fellow readers of Georgette Heyer: right now, most of her books are available in ebook form for $2.99 or less at both B&N and Amazon. great opportunity to stock up on essential classical reading.
when I was younger, I attempted to get hard copies of her books, and my paperbacks mostly are battered and well-used. I've been trying to update with electronic versions, as they occasionally became available for bargain prices. I got most of the gaps filled this morning.
for an overview of her bibliography, Mari Ness did a reread and overview a while back for Tor.com.
check out http://www.tor.com/tag/georgette-heyer/ for an education into the creator of the Regency romance, among so many other things.
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Nothing much new, we've been having tropical afternoon showers this summer. I walk to the barn under clear skies, then turn around and see this.

Have some random commercial landscaping begonias and some of my sister-in-law's flowers

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Late blooms, re-blooms and kitties

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Still crape myrtle season. Went to Mom's house over the weekend and took pictures of hers.

Yes, the big one was planted inside the back deck.
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