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We got something new here, underwater! My sister and I went to Chicago and visited the Shedd Aquarium this week.

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Fall flowers

And beautyberries

and critters

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No time for new photos, even in the inches of rain we got overnight. It's well and truly autumn, but the leaves need to change here. Kinda feel like we had two falls, because the September trip to the mountains featured plenty of color.

Also, fishing for kittens
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Not shown, the neck area where it was nearly decapitated by a two-by-four.
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Newest things on the block


Ruffnut & Tuffnut

Not a Kittie in the back yard
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First day-lily bloom of the year.

Only one bloom, so have a bonus shot playing with exposure setting.
Followed by the most recent kitty encounter.
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This week, among the abundant greenery, we start with two things not floral.

Don't know how you feel about them, but every baby, even a blue jay, is cute.
Not so cute is the next resident of the flower bed.

The buddliea is vibrant this year

I'll finish with a seasonal favorite, the New Dawn rose

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so, I love eBay, and often use it to check prices.
On Sunday afternoon, I checked the price of a piece of farm equipment before stopping by Tractor Supply to see if it was available there. Yesterday afternoon, I receive a suggested post to share about eBay on Facebook. not sure if this is from Facebook or eBay.
now this is what I am currently watching on eBay - mostly silver and jewelry
watch list
this is a snapshot of the suggestions I get on eBay due to my usual search history - you will note silver, jewelry, horse-shaped objects and cell phone accessories (because why buy a charger or case at retail?)
and this is what Facebook thought I should post "because I found it on eBay"

In not totally unrelated news, we did get a couple of new goats last weekend.

Bonus points for anyone who knows what kind of farm equipment is made by Burdizzo.

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