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nothing new today, no sun, weather can't decide what to do, so have a few rays of sunshine from earlier. I'll try not to duplicate anything I've posted before.

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With the arrival of a new season, I've got one outdoor flower, a mum, and pictures of the plants moved indoors.

David has harvested nearly a dozen small lemons and limes, and the geranium has bigger blooms than it did outside.
It's time to bring in, cover up and bed down anything left outside, including any critters.
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Fall flowers

And beautyberries

and critters

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Been distracted the last week or two, so have some pics from Mammoth Spring Park taken last weekend.

They keep upgrading the park, if you haven't visited recently, you might find something new.
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Newest things on the block


Ruffnut & Tuffnut

Not a Kittie in the back yard
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David picked his pawpaws, and got a ripe lime as well.

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Nothing much new, we've been having tropical afternoon showers this summer. I walk to the barn under clear skies, then turn around and see this.

Have some random commercial landscaping begonias and some of my sister-in-law's flowers

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Still crape myrtle season. Went to Mom's house over the weekend and took pictures of hers.

Yes, the big one was planted inside the back deck.
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Not a lot new happened this week, but it is crape myrtle season. Despite the storms, everywhere you go here in central Arkansas, you see them at their best. Unfortunately, I can't take pictures while driving.
so you get a pic from my drive.
Also other repeated blooms.

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Just a quick couple of pics. Our power is out and since we are at the end of the service area, we aren't holding our breathe. Generators getting a good workout in our area.

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In the meantime, the following arrived at home.
Got time to research before November.

A good week for leftover flower pics

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The beautyberry is blooming, tiny flowers that will become a uniquely pink-purple berry. The insect repellant properties are a good reason to encourage this shrub.

It has been a good year for daylilies, at my mother's place.
I'm going to spread out posting them, as needed.
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I purchased a hibiscus a while back, and didn't know the color.

We also visited Table Rock lake while in Branson.

Also took a little boat ride

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One little mimosa bloom, chinese dayflower (something I like, even if it is a weed), and more pictures of the amaryllis just in case it never blooms again.

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In the time weve been here, these amaryllis have bloomed maybe three times, and the first time that two have done so at once.

The elderberries are blooming to, they really messed with the white balance.

There are also still daylilies, and in the distance momosa blooms have popped out.

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As it rains here, I've got a few flowers photographed during the week, most from my mother's place, from my sister-in-law's gardens.

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Not much time this week, have a begonia
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First day-lily bloom of the year.

Only one bloom, so have a bonus shot playing with exposure setting.
Followed by the most recent kitty encounter.
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This week, among the abundant greenery, we start with two things not floral.

Don't know how you feel about them, but every baby, even a blue jay, is cute.
Not so cute is the next resident of the flower bed.

The buddliea is vibrant this year

I'll finish with a seasonal favorite, the New Dawn rose

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Not a good day for flower photography, but have a few from the last week.

A rose at home, hibiscus & bouganvilla, and asdorted swamp flowers from the Everglades.

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