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nothing new today, no sun, weather can't decide what to do, so have a few rays of sunshine from earlier. I'll try not to duplicate anything I've posted before.

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We got something new here, underwater! My sister and I went to Chicago and visited the Shedd Aquarium this week.

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No time for new photos, even in the inches of rain we got overnight. It's well and truly autumn, but the leaves need to change here. Kinda feel like we had two falls, because the September trip to the mountains featured plenty of color.

Also, fishing for kittens
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Been distracted the last week or two, so have some pics from Mammoth Spring Park taken last weekend.

They keep upgrading the park, if you haven't visited recently, you might find something new.
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To celebrate world photo day, and because I've got no new pictures, a random assortment of photos taken away from home.

our flowers are pretty much under water anyway, after the week we've had.
Colorado, Ft Lauderdale, Atlantic beach, Gulf at Naples Beach, Mesa Verde and Table Rock Lake
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I purchased a hibiscus a while back, and didn't know the color.

We also visited Table Rock lake while in Branson.

Also took a little boat ride

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