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Dec. 30th, 2016 11:50 am
wynnsfolly: (darlin)
[personal profile] wynnsfolly
Deed of Paksenarrion, Oath of Fealty, E Moon
Envy of Angels, Lustlocked, M Wallace
Kitty Saves the World, C Vaughn
The Traitor Baru Cormorant, S Dickinson
The Martian, A Weir
The Raven & The Reindeer, T Kingfisher
Forest of Memory, M R Kowal
Arrows of the Queen trilogy, M Lackey
Curse of Chalion, L M Bujold
Penric's Demon, L M Bujold
Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, L M Bujold
Fire Touched, P Briggs
Day Shift, C Harris
Chicks and Balances, ed. E Friesner
Calico Palace, G Bristow
The End of All Things, J Scalzi
Dragon Rose, C Pope
Dead Heat, P Brigg
Shadow Rites,Blood in Her Veins, F Hunter
Memphis Ribs, G Duff
Beauvallet, G Heyer
The Brimstone Deception, L Shearin
Ghost Story, JH Butcher
A Room with a View, E M Forster
The Help, K Stockett
Arrows of the Sun, J Tarr
Penric and the Shaman, L M Bujold
Past Imperfect, J Fellowes
Original Sin, P D James
Paladin of Souls, L M Bujold
Deerskin. R McKinley
Madness in Maggody, J Hess
The Convenient Marriage, G Heyer
The Sons of Heaven, K Baker
The Unfinished Clue, G Heyer
Death in the Stocks, G Heyer
Bastion, M Lackey
Magic Shifts, I Andrews
An Ancient Peace, T Huff
The Talisman Ring, G Heyer
Furiously Happy, J Lawson
Ancillary Mercy, A Leckie
Penric's Mission, L M Bujold
Blood of the Earth, F Hunter
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