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1st rose The first rose of the season.

container garden april 17 Our "container garden" has houseplants, herbs, and flowers that have been through the winter
We have Bay leaf, thyme, sage, rosemary, mint, geraniums both floral and scented, hibiscus, and a croton. Not in the picture is parsley, oregano and lavender. The ginger hasn't sprouted yet, and I've sown the bed with a mixture of radishes, cucumbers, zinnia & marigolds. There are various weeds allowed to flower, and our alternative ground cover is quartz crystal fragments we've dug up in Hot Springs. DH also has a row of citrus trees in containers around the corner, and I've been laying in various summer bulbs. We'll post them when they get along.
this is a test post, I'm still editing
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Books 2016

Dec. 30th, 2016 11:50 am
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Deed of Paksenarrion, Oath of Fealty, E Moon
Envy of Angels, Lustlocked, M Wallace
Kitty Saves the World, C Vaughn
The Traitor Baru Cormorant, S Dickinson
The Martian, A Weir
The Raven & The Reindeer, T Kingfisher
Forest of Memory, M R Kowal
Arrows of the Queen trilogy, M Lackey
Curse of Chalion, L M Bujold
Penric's Demon, L M Bujold
Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, L M Bujold
Fire Touched, P Briggs
Day Shift, C Harris
Chicks and Balances, ed. E Friesner
Calico Palace, G Bristow
The End of All Things, J Scalzi
Dragon Rose, C Pope
Dead Heat, P Brigg
Shadow Rites,Blood in Her Veins, F Hunter
Memphis Ribs, G Duff
Beauvallet, G Heyer
The Brimstone Deception, L Shearin
Ghost Story, JH Butcher
A Room with a View, E M Forster
The Help, K Stockett
Arrows of the Sun, J Tarr
Penric and the Shaman, L M Bujold
Past Imperfect, J Fellowes
Original Sin, P D James
Paladin of Souls, L M Bujold
Deerskin. R McKinley
Madness in Maggody, J Hess
The Convenient Marriage, G Heyer
The Sons of Heaven, K Baker
The Unfinished Clue, G Heyer
Death in the Stocks, G Heyer
Bastion, M Lackey
Magic Shifts, I Andrews
An Ancient Peace, T Huff
The Talisman Ring, G Heyer
Furiously Happy, J Lawson
Ancillary Mercy, A Leckie
Penric's Mission, L M Bujold
Blood of the Earth, F Hunter
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nothing new today, no sun, weather can't decide what to do, so have a few rays of sunshine from earlier. I'll try not to duplicate anything I've posted before.

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With the arrival of a new season, I've got one outdoor flower, a mum, and pictures of the plants moved indoors.

David has harvested nearly a dozen small lemons and limes, and the geranium has bigger blooms than it did outside.
It's time to bring in, cover up and bed down anything left outside, including any critters.
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We got something new here, underwater! My sister and I went to Chicago and visited the Shedd Aquarium this week.

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We went to Eureka Springs last weekend to see what fall color there might be.

A pretty sunrise, plus sleeping kittens Cissy & Tinkerbell
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Fall flowers

And beautyberries

and critters

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No time for new photos, even in the inches of rain we got overnight. It's well and truly autumn, but the leaves need to change here. Kinda feel like we had two falls, because the September trip to the mountains featured plenty of color.

Also, fishing for kittens
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Been distracted the last week or two, so have some pics from Mammoth Spring Park taken last weekend.

They keep upgrading the park, if you haven't visited recently, you might find something new.

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